An increasingly sustainable company

For a much more ethical jewel, the principles of respect and attention to the person, the environment, the work, the better quality of life, are fundamental and guiding the company’s activities in a consistent way with its social and ethical responsibilities.
The strength of Tecno Orafa lies in its founding values, the person is always the main focus, tradition and professionalism are the key elements for the sustainability of the company.
Tecno Orafa works with great care and attention towards the origin of the materials and the approach to traceability, as one of the main pros. The jewels, strictly Made in Italy, are in fact produced by a team of people working in Italy.
A company choice that focuses on social responsibility and corporate ethics as its common thread for planning strategies, infrastructures projects, commercial and production practices, as well as operating processes and policies.
Tecno Orafa operates from the main focus of environmental sustainability through multiple actions, for example with the recovery and recycling of domestic and industrial waste, with a safeguard of the law regulations dedicated to the residue gases’ emission into the atmosphere and with the usage of energy recovery systems.

During the pre-RJC certification period no variances on the Code of Conduct have been detected not risky transaction on the Supply Chain as supported on the “OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chain of Minerals from CAHARA”.


Social responsability